Monday, 26 March 2012

a la paz welcome

Where to next?
Familiar faces. Friendly, familiar faces everywhere. That was our first impression of La Paz. The moment we arrived at the dinghy dock with our laundry and a long list of errands in tow – we were overwhelmed by a very warm welcome. We’d never been in La Paz before, yet our arrival was like one big reunion. Over and over, we ran into sailors from home, sailors we traveled with on the Pacific side of the Baja or off mainland Mexico.

Everyone had stories, tips, and advice: Where to get your laundry done, where to top up on potable water, who makes the finest tacos and burgers in town. (After four conflicting opinions, I began to think that this last topic might best be left aside as one would leave politics, religion, and what type of anchor one should use, out of light-hearted conversations among sailors.) Then again, when it comes to food, there is one way to find out who you agree with…

On our way into La Paz, we sighted
SV Clover, our sister-ship!  How 
cool is that? Shane is now on his  way
 to the Marquesas on his Lapworth 36
Everyone seemed to agree about the best place to buy ice cream. I am not much of an ice cream person, unlike Rick who once tried to represent all the food groups with gelato while we sailed off the Italian coast. I have, however, developed a very strong liking for La Fuente’s paleta de coco (coconut popsicle).

First night in La Paz
One does not go hungry or thirsty in La Paz. We shared many meals and laughter with friends. We then would recover by working on boat jobs at anchor. Yes, boat jobs were our down time, you read that right.

In the whirlwind of reuniting with old friends, we were getting ourselves ready for yet another reunion: Our sailor friends Barb and Bjarne’s arrival from Victoria! 

Nothing like a bit of riff-raffing to liven things up!

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  1. I have heard so many great things about La Paz.

    It's interesting to hear how much of a community the cruiser's make, and how welcoming they are.

    Kinda like long ago when everyone in a town knew each other for generations.



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