Monday, 5 March 2012

a jewel in the rough

My favourite building in the old
It has a bit of a European feel. Cafes surround a plaza, the boisterous markets buzz with energy, artsy spots dot the area. We like Old Mazatlan. Truthfully, we mostly visited the Old Town. The modern bits did not interest us as much. Yes, it’s touristy – but the side streets are quieter and they are a feast for the eyes. (That's if you like crumbling colonial buildings, graffiti, and little hole in the wall spots among the tourist traps – For us, it was a nice change. Sometimes the vitality of a city is just what you need.

We never once felt unsafe there. We had a lively, multi-lingual conversation with China, (in French, Spanish and English), the coordinator at the Municipal Center for the Arts. This firecracker of a woman had a lot to say, about art and her city. She also expressed frustration at the media frenzy that is scaring tourists away. 

Taking a break in the Art
Museum courtyard
As an artist, I felt energized by Old Mazatlan. There was an Artwalk, and sure not all the art was “great” – but I did end up gabbing with artists – Gringo and Mexican, and realized how much I miss being a part of a community of artists. On the flip side, I was inspired to work on my own projects, and developed some ideas as we wandered the little side streets.

Old town is full of character and characters – Antonio, China, the sunburnt tourists, the theatre and music students… We are leaving a city we know we want to revisit. I call it the Nice of our Mexican journey. (I surprised myself falling in love with that French city as well...) You never know what you'll discover. It's what I love about travelling.

I'm a sucker for peeling paint, go figure
Mazatlan's cathedral: the adorned moorish structure
looms over the Plazuela Republica
The gazebo in the Plazuela Republica

The view, as we dragged our tired feet back to the anchorage

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  1. Beautiful! I love old buildings too. I like to try to think about all the people that were there before me. How many other souls have been in that same spot...We are so small on this earth.

    I especially like the beach shot. Looks like it's from another planet.



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