Friday, 2 March 2012

isla isabel: a bird's eye-view

There were birds, birds, birds, everywhere! Yet unlike everyone else, we didn't run into blue footed boobies. Really. Perhaps it's because we spent a lot of time on one section of the island and were charmed by the brown boobies and the frigate birds there... What can I say, we often end up off track. But we loved what we saw, and we'll be back for more! 

The fishing camp

This  magnificent frigatebird chick seemed to be winking at us

Brown booby and her baby - she squawked loudly as us, but held
her ground

Look ma, I can... almost fly!

Birds, birds, birds, everywhere!

A poised seagull

This little guy is not like the others...

I felt like we were interrupting... Perhaps we were?


  1. Really digging the new look of your blog with the white background.

    Also the photos of the birds are cool. The fuzzy baby one is great.

  2. haha..Those birds should've got a room, I mean come on!



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