Thursday, 15 March 2012

hello baja!

Sailing by moonlight
Mazatlan - Ensenada De Los Muertos
What a freighter looks like, passing
 in the night. Yeah, Exactly.

First sighting of a sea lion since we left Baja last November.
He was happily chilling out

Where we ended up.
A place known as the "Bay of the Dead" on the Baja

After a day of getting Nyon shipshape-ish
We played

While I was reading on our beach blanket,
I had a visitor. He was 4 feet away from me and
very calmly walked away after a while

Half of the SV Wondertime crew. Leah had a blast flying our kite
with her  dad (One of the reasons we stopped at the Bay of the
Dead, was to say goodbye to the Wondertimers who are now
on their way to the Marquesas


  1. So neat to sail by moonlight! That tanker is a scary site..WOW you can hardly see it.

    I keep up with the Wondertime Crew! I am so glad you got to see them before they head out. Man your pics are food for my imagination.


  2. Glad you are following Wondertime too, it's been cool to read about their progress as they go eh!
    The scenery makes photo-taking easy!



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