Tuesday, 27 March 2012

the b's are in town!

Barb and Bjarne getting their cruising groove on
Dark chocolate and Saltspring Island coffee are a great way to the Nyon crew’s hearts. Although, seeing the smiling faces of two friends from home was more than enough.

We happily welcomed Barb and Bjarne aboard Nyon – and no sooner were they aboard that they got into cruising mode. Both are experienced cruisers in their own right – having sailed to New Zealand and back to Canada on their trusty 30 foot sailboat, Freya. The transition was seamless as they began lugging water jugs to the boat, accompanying us halfway across town with heavy bags of provisions, and excitedly pointing at the wildlife in the anchorage.

Motoring to our first anchorage on Isla
Espiritu, there's a Bjarne on the bow!
Our first anchorage out of La Paz was Ensenada de la Raza in Puerto Bellena (Isla Espiritu). It was memorable. But not for what you may imagine. Let's put it this way, it was so bouncy with a strong coromuel blowing, that we all ended up awake in the middle of the night, laughing in the cockpit (in that exhausted but resigned way). Ah, the joys of cruising.

The next morning we decided to weigh anchor and head to Isla San Francisco for some agate hunting, ridge hiking and i-phone diving...

A peaceful evening, before the rock 'n rolling began

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  1. Great sunset in the first picture. How fun to have visitors to share parts of the adventure with!

    Living through your posts...



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