Thursday, 23 February 2012

easing into chamela

The lovely beach with its requisite pangas. (Note the surf is calm here.
It always, ALWAYS livens up when we near the beach with our dinghy. I swear.)
Enjoying the mellow pace
On the way south, we anchored near Isla Cocinas in Bahia Chamela. This time, as the northerlies were prevalent, we anchored off the charming little town of Pérula. The sun was shining, the beach was oh so pretty, and we didn't make asses of ourselves beaching the dinghy. RV folks in the nearby beach palapa expressed disappointment at our skilled landing. They had looked forward to being entertained. Ha!

In our meanderings we met the crew of Lady Midnight and enjoyed spirited conversation (talking politics will do that), and a delicious dinner aboard their beautiful Formosa 51. That night, we slept soundly, (and not just because of the wine). 

We realized somewhere along the way that we completely missed carnival... Too bad. But the easy atmosphere in Chamela was pretty satisfying anyhow.

The following morning, we headed north once more. 

In Mexico, I have finally found people who LOVE colour like me

Drinking cheap beer on the beach and loving it
(Yes folks, Rick is drinking a beer he can see through...)

Another gratuitous sunrise shot

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