Monday, 13 February 2012

and then we turned around

Early morning in Santiago
We were somewhat shell-shocked. You think I'm exaggerating, but after a blissful few days in Ensenada Carrizal, Santiago Bay was... the exact opposite. Jet skis and small boats were racing around the anchorage, music floated across the water from the beach palapas. This busy tourist spot was buzzing with energy. Maybe we just weren't in the mood for it, but one night was enough. We decided to go around the point to check out  Las Hadas. If you must know, that's where the movie '10' was filmed.

Our first glimpse of Las Hadas
Well hello, resort-land... Las Hadas is a strange mixture of Moorish, Mediterranean and Mexican architecture. We were content gazing at it from afar. Walking in the other direction, we hopped on a bus to get provisioning. We also enjoyed brunch aboard SV Chantey, friends from our BCA fleet. That evening, it was definitely time for another jam session with SV Espiritu. This time, there were two mandolins, a fiddle, a guitar and a flute; Rick took care of the percussion section with his trusty bodhrán. Fun times. Both boats are headed south to El Salvador. This was the turnaround point for us. We are starting the trek north to meet our friends Barb and Bjarne in La Paz. They need a cruising fix and we are ready for new horizons! Their company will be the added bonus.

Sunny morning

Those clouds seemed benign enough...
Back in Carrizal, it rained. And I mean rained, for two out of the three days we were there! It was so strange to wake up to raindrops pounding on the coach roof. It was almost like being back in Victoria. So familiar, yet so much warmer. I can't believe I'm writing this, but the rain made me nostalgic for our homeport. Then I got over it.

This was the perfect weather to pick up my paint brushes and tackle a painting. It was nice to putter on the boat, lay low. It was not so nice to rediscover long-ago forgotten leaks. Ah well, what's life if not a series of contrasts...

Artist afloat


  1. I know just what you mean about the rain making you a bit nostalgic... It brought me back to our spring on Vancouver Island! I missed those days for like 2 minutes, and then I went snorkeling. :)
    s/v Bella Star

  2. Hey Bella Star, I believe we're headed your way - (and yeah, 2 minutes sounds about right!)

  3. Show us some of your paintings!! you are great.

    (maybe a post where you show us your projects?)



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