Thursday, 12 January 2012

on flocks and rocks

Approaching Isla Larga

Just wildlife
I'm a nature-lover. My childhood was spent romping through forests in gum boots. We didn't have a TV, we had trees. And forts.  And trails. To this day, be it at sea, in a forest, or on a mountain top, nature is where I feel whole. Complete. So it's not surprising that I fell in love with Isla Larga, one of the Las Tres Marietas islands. We all did. Clustered on the edge of Banderas Bay, these sparse islands are somewhat reminiscent of an Irish landscape. 

Kyra following the fishes

Birds were everywhere. There were no houses, no palapas and no jet skis. When we first arrived, one other boat was there. As the sun set, we were the only boat left. We checked the weather and decided it was safe (if a bit rolly) to spend the night there.We snorkeled with tropical fishes, and watched the myriad of birds flying about. They were a noisy bunch. Still, they were a welcome relief from towns and crowded anchorages. We relaxed into our evening, watching frigate birds, pelicans, seagulls and vultures stake their claim in the sky above.

Rick and Dana heading off to play with the fish


The view during our morning coffee

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