Thursday, 12 January 2012

the little town that charmed

We liked Chacala at first sight. Here's what we saw our first evening:

It's a beach town

A town with Palm trees surrounded by orchards

With prime sunset views

Once we went ashore, Chacala did not disappoint.

It has that small-town feeling

And a fabulous beach
(Sorry, we can't help including this gratuitous shot)

Yep, we liked it here!

We went on a little hike up to an extinct volcano:

What Rick calls the money-shot

We were briefly reminded of arbutus trees up north

"La caldera" - An extinct volcano's green centre offered lovely views

We seemed to make a lot of canine and feline friends in our forays...

Mmm, post-hike coconut drinks were tasty

Our last meal in Chacala
Thank you Chacala, we'll be back!


  1. Chip ice off deck. Unbend sheets. Mustang suit, facemask, goggles for freezing spray. Listen to gale warning 6 times. Read Nyon blog and weep...

  2. Oh Allan! That made us laugh! To think I was almost nostalgic for our winter sails up north... On second thought... As we French say: "Bon courage" hugs, K&R



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