Saturday, 7 January 2012

digging sayulita

Arriving in Sayulita
If La Cruz is the land of the middle-aged tourist, Sayulita is the land of the young and half-naked. With the help of a laughing policeman, we headed for this coastal town one sunny morning. Almost immediately, we were smitten.  In spite of being an unabashed tourist destination, Sayulita is a chill surf town. It’s all about the beach and the waves. Yes, vendors come by like clockwork, palapa restaurants try to entice you with 2 for 1 drinks, and surfer gear spills out onto the beach. While that would eventually get tiring, the energy is definitely young and our visiting crew was digging it. So were we.  Our senses were assaulted, but not in the frenetic rhythm of Puerto Vallarta. This is where you come to chill out. And boogie board, if you’re us.
Milkshakes and gab fest: Thumbs up
After mojitos and quesadillas the guys went straight for the beach and boogie boarding. The rest of us explored the town and sampled milkshakes until the sun and waves beckoned. We briefly watched Jeff and Rick catching waves, with goofy smiles on their faces. We were ready for action too. And action, we got. We got spun, dunked and blasted by waves. We gulped copious amounts of salt water, but we kept going back for more. If it weren’t for the blasted trough-of-no-return, it would have been too easy. Close to the beach, the bottom dropped off creating a trench about 25 feet wide and 8 feet deep  that you had to cross for more fun in the waves. The trough was where you ended up if you successfully rode a wave to shore – it was unavoidable. The whole point was to catch that wave! (And let me tell you, for these beginners, every wave counted.) Ready for more, we’d start swimming back out: 3 strokes forward and a wave would push us back, teasing us to try again. Over and over. None of us were deterred. Bathing suits filled with sand (when they managed to stay put), tired muscles and silly grins later – we called it quits in favour of fish tacos and beer. Topped up with greasy treats from the panderia, we hopped back on the bus and headed to La Cruz in the dark.  

Jeff's going for it!

Waiting for the right wave...


Is it fish taco time?

Sayulita as the sun sets


  1. We stayed in Sayulita when I was pregnant with Skye! We loved it too, except for the dog poop on the beach, and a very very loud birthday party that whet on all night! Glad you guys are having some great fun!

  2. Omg sounds like so much fun!! Reminds me of the times I spent in Cali on the beach... :) Glad you guys are having a blast! Love y'all!

  3. Sayulita sounds like yet another great place! We'd love to learn how to surf, and boogie boarding is a blast! Sounds like ya'll are having a great time!



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