Tuesday, 17 January 2012

and then there were two

Provisioning means washing
and bagging all the produce too...
Last Saturday, we sadly said goodbye to our last bonus crew. Dana flew back to Canada and snow. Our sun-loving friend had to put on, not one, but two pairs of socks upon her return. Shaking our heads, we smiled in sympathy as we sipped a cerveza*, while sitting barefoot in the cockpit.

Nyon is now back to normal. If you can call Rick and I normal. At first, it felt quiet and roomy aboard our trusty old boat. That feeling went away rather quickly, especially after Rick pulled up the sole and started in on his boat projects. We had the excuse of visiting friends for turning a blind eye to many awaiting boat jobs. We are now playing catch up, at a mellow pace. It's nice to be back to a semblance of a routine, in spite of missing our peeps. Puttering is enjoyable, as is planning our journey to Costalegre (The "Happy Coast"). It refers to the stretch of Mexican coast between Banderas Bay and Manzanillo.

One of our many canine friends
We are getting ready to go south this afternoon. Our stay in Banderas Bay has been full to say the least. Beginning with our mast woes, the ensuing repairs, visiting friends, Christmas, exploring, a few more boat jobs, (after all, you can't ignore a malfunctioning head or fridge), and the unexpected visit with one of my younger brothers and his family in Bucerias; we can honestly say, it has not been boring!

Now, we're ready for boring. Or at least, a not-so-full schedule. On Nyon, that means: Working on projects, sailing,  exploring, swimming and snorkelling, getting some art work done, writing, more boat projects, and meeting other voyagers as well as locals. Boring sounds pretty good too.

Isla Larga


Banderas Bay Highlights:

  • Favourite Taco Stand: We love La Silla Roja for its quesadillas(La Cruz de Huanacaxtle)
  • Favourite hike: The waterfall outside of Yelapa. Not the one nearby, the one  you reach by going through ranchero lands.
  • Favourite beach: The "secret beach" between La Cruz and Punta de Mita. (We also loved the beach in Chacala, but it's not in Banderas Bay...)
  • Favourite town: Yelapa
  • Favourite uninhabited spot: Isla Larga (Las Tres Mariettas)
  • Favourite restaurant: Its a 3-way tie. Brisas in Yelapa. (And not just because we got a free panga ride to shore, Ali is still drooling for their ceviche!) Yolanda's, also in Yelapa. Amazing quesadillas! Dana dreams of them from snowy Victoria. Claudia's in La Cruz also serves delicious goodness. The adobada and the camarón  burros were our  favourites.*
  • Favourite food at the La Cruz Sunday Market: Sweet pecans, and cilantro hummus. Mmm...
  • Best moments: There are too many to choose from! I'd have to say skinny dipping at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve. Bio-luminescents were trailing in the water behind us, while we watched fireworks on land. Jeff would add our leisurely (3 hour!) morning coffee routine, as we chatted about our plans for the day. I'd have to agree!
  • Best surprise: Unexpectedly meeting my newest nephew and getting a family fix with my brother in Bucerias.
  • Best pie at Pie in the Sky (Bucerias): Mango pie, hands down.
  • Favourite sighting: The breaching humpback whale 50 feet off our stern.
  • Favourite find at the local tienda*:  Coconut ice cream bars from the depths of the freezer, buried beneath the bags of frozen strawberries. I would add to that, the bags of hibiscus flowers - the main ingredient in aqua de jamaica.
* cerveza - beer
   adobada - marinated pork
   camarón - shrimp
    tienda - store


  1. Your New Year's Eve sounds amazing! And, your boring beats my boring any day! Glad you enjoyed your guests .. goes to show you don't need a huge boat to have guests!

  2. Wonderful!

    Vancouver weather?
    Cold and rainy for the next week.





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