Saturday, 17 December 2011

what comes down, must go up

In the days before we were to re-step Nyon’s mast, we scrambled through the mountain of tasks. The scarphs were done, the mast varnished and painted. There was hardware to mount, standing rigging to clean and re-attach, wires to run, our lovely friend Dana to pick up at the airport (who then hopped into work mode with a grin while making sure we were fed, when we forgot to eat). Can we say bonus points for our newest crew member? Yes, yes we can.

Thursday was the day. Our team of helpers assembled on cue. We moved Nyon back to the same location we’d un-stepped her. We got as far as swinging the engine hoist over the boat. (Once again, we were to use the hoist as a make-do crane – a less than ideal solution, but a solution nonetheless.) And that’s when the hoist shorted out. The two Alejandros deliberated on the side, while puffing their cigarettes. I bit back the tears of disappointment and joined them, (minus the cigarette). The three of us discussed when the hoist could possibly be repaired and ready for use. They weren’t sure, maybe 3 or 4 days. We debated other options. We could hire a crane-truck. It would cost more. Let's talk tomorrow.

Ready to be vertical...
Needless to say, it was anti-climactic… I insisted our would-be helpers come back to the dock and drink a beer with us. Oh no, we couldn’t, oh yes, you could. Let’s make the best of this. Good company always dulls the edge of disappointment.

The next day, we went to see Alejandro at the boatyard office. He made some calls and asked (while on the phone): "When?" 
We said, "When it’s possible." 
"Uh… how about a half an hour?" 
"Muchas Gracias!"

We were almost skipping back to the dock. While Rick adjusted the sling, I radioed the Michaels, asked a few more people on our dock for help – and off we went. The advantage of a proper crane was obvious, it would be much less awkward to step the mast. The sling was now positioned just below the spreaders. Yesterday's mishap ended up being advantageous... Although a little more expensive.

Attempt #2: Can you see how happy he is?

Up she goes!

We had a crowd of helpers and onlookers. As the mast got hoisted and the guys re-stepped it, I held a line and translated. Pesos exchanged hands and we all breathed a sigh of relief.

Helping hands
With that sigh, all the stress and anxiety of the past few days left us. We could barely move. Lethargy set in. We let it overwhelm us. "Mañana, mañana...And now, mañana has arrived: We are energized - ready to tune the rig, pick up some provisions and get off Dock 5. Hasta Luego!

Photos by Chris (MV Beverly J)


  1. Looks amazing guys! Great work! What finish did you use?

  2. Nicely done, guys! So, we finally arrived in La Cruz yesterday! Are you guys anchored out?
    s/v Bella Star

  3. Bella Star! We're in Punta de Mita today, will be back at the La Cruz anchorage for 2 nights and dock for 3 nights before exploring further afield with friends - where are you?
    Would love to meet up!

  4. Great Job! I bet it feels good to have the mast back up.

  5. Oh it feels great - we're still getting used to the idea of "playing" again and not working all day - our crew will be growing for Christmas, I'm sure they'll help us in that regard... And yes, we still love cruising.

  6. A Wonderful present from Santa: A Mast all fixed good as new! Fun in the sun stand by...and Go! I see from reading your Sept 2 posting that unstepping the mast is not new for your crew. Good thing you knew how to do it and were not dealing with unknowns in foreign ports. Have a great Christmas and I will follow along from my holiday vantage point in Calgary. Cheers, Rob H.

  7. Feliz Navidad Kyra y Rick!

    I arrived in La Cruz last night, are you still in the area? Would be cool to meet up and catch up on the events since San Francisco if you are still around!

    s/v Resolution

  8. Jared! We are in the marina until tomorrow (just 2 days and then off exploring the bay, come to dock 5 (far right corner) this evening - dinner? We have friends visiting, dorado is on the menu. We'll radio you when we're back on the boat (ch22) :-)

  9. Hi guys, Merry Christmas! On the boat now, will be listening on 22. Give me a call when you're around.



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