Tuesday, 13 December 2011

a mast is reborn

At first, it was a mess. Then, we buckled down

Chiseling away the nasty bits

Removing hardware

Shaping one of four scarphs using a 12:1 slope. (The wood employed
is called Prima Vera, a good Mexican substitute for Sitka Spruce)

Rick planing the scarphs, we're getting there ~ Thank you
SV Patricia Belle for the loan of the planer!

In the meantime, Kyra sanded and varnished the mast,
then she sanded some more and varnished some more

Rick did a super job - Nyon now has a piece of Mexico in her forever.


  1. ha ha I saw the pic of Rick shirtless and thought OMG he's got tons of chest hair! Then I looked more closely, it's all the shavings... at least I think it is!

  2. hahaha - I actually almost made a comment about that... It is indeed the wood shavings, he's not *that* hairy! :D



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