Tuesday, 6 December 2011

making lemonade out of lemons

Preparing to unstep the mast
The crane was not quite high enough.* Our mast is tall and keel-stepped, (that means it goes through the deck). It needed to slide up a good 7 feet to clear the deck. For $37 (500 pesos), we were given permission by the boatyard to give it a shot. Rick rigged a sling and a block and tackle to get around the "not-quite-right" crane while taking in stock the tide and potential problems we may come across. Yes, there ended up being some finagling involved. Soon, and with the help of some pretty wonderful folks, the mast was successfully un-stepped. Not only that, we even got a ride to the lumber yard in Bucerias. We will need to get other wood, but we have nearly everything we need to fix our well-loved Nyon.

THANK YOU to SV Wondertime, SV Ideal 1, SV Del Viento, MV Beverly J, and SV Pelican. We could not have done this without you! 

Post-unstepping, we all enjoyed well-deserved cold beer. Here is some of the gang:

Michael, Darcy and Isabelle
Gabbing over beer and a mast,
Del Viento's Michael is on the right
The Wondertime girls taking a break from
all the excitement

And now, let the work begin.

I just want to add that our faraway families and friends have been wonderful to us too - We feel the love! xo

*The crane is actually an engine hoist.


  1. How exciting! What happens now? New mast? Fix old mast? How? Do tell...

    Rob H.

  2. Hi Rob, it's... door #2! Fix old mast - we did end up finding some dry rot - (please can of worms, stay small...) So it'll be a question of removing said dry rot, and doing long staggered scarphs to reinforce well, refinish, and voila. Send us lots of positive vibes! :)

  3. Hello!
    I'm so glad that this has worked out for you (your mast problem)!
    Good job.
    Have fun and good luck on your adventures!



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