Saturday, 31 December 2011

gone yelaping!

Yelapa's beach
The pueblo 
We swam ashore. And back. For 3 days. The breast stroke was our mode of transportation for the 250 feet separating Nyon from Yelapa. Dry bags were our best friends. 

Yelapa is a unique little town on the south side of Banderas Bay. No roads lead there, electricity and the internet arrived only a few years ago, and the land is owned collectively by the indigenous people of that region. Truly, it is a gem. (You can read more about it here.)

Yay, it's Baba-time!
As we entered the bay, there were pangas zipping about, boats bobbing up and down on moorings, music. The beach was crowded with Mexicans and Gringos lounging in the sun - this town was no sleepy town. The surge rocked us along as we followed "El Buly" to our mooring ball. The anchorage is deep, very deep - so most sailors choose to tie to a mooring ball for a fee.

Photo by Ali

Poor Ali was feeling the swell, it was pretty active upon arrival. We put out a stern anchor and weighed the rode down with a kellet, (pangas do come very close, we'd rather avert that kind of disaster). Thankfully, the motion eased. (Over the duration of our stay, we ended up being quite comfortable. It is very important to monitor the weather, the swell can become very uncomfortable. The beach can also turn into a dangerous lee shore in the wrong conditions.) And once Rick was able to locate and fix the evil squeek-of-no-sleep under the sole, right next to Dana's head, everyone slept well.

Behind the beach palapas

On the first day, we explored Yelapa. I call it explore, because it sounds better than writing "we went on a wild goose chase". First, we ended up in the maze behind the beach palapas, and then realized we had to cross the arroyo (river) and climb the stairs on the cliff to go into the actual village. We were looking for the elusive restaurant called Yolanda's. Up and down paths we went, greeting friendly dogs and taking in the scene. We came across Lupi's bakery and its banana bread. Eventually, we found Yolanda's. It was closed. So we found a make-do spot for snacks and headed back to Nyon to barbecue fish and chill out.

On our quest for Yolanda's
Don't ask
Yelapa was lovely. Our hike out of town to the Falls was fabulous, we enjoyed delicious food at Yolanda's and Brisas, we lounged on the beach and played in the ocean, and then there was Ali's quest for pie! To be continued...

See Nyon on the left, near the beach. On the right is the arroyo.
This photo is taken from the top of the cliff.


  1. "don't ask..." teehee :)


  2. Yelapa .. never heard of it but it sounds like our kinda place! It's amazing how many places I've learned about by reading other cruising blogs. Looks like you're showing your friends a great time!



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