Tuesday, 13 December 2011

barbecues, birthdays and parties, oh my!

Dock 5 isn't all work and no play. No, no. We have managed to add some carousing to our evenings, releasing the stress of long work days into the night sky. It's all about finding a balance, we certainly are becoming more adept at that. SV Patricia Belle helped out in the play department. Thanks for your hospitality Pat, Jeannie and gang - There is nothing boring about having you share a dock with us!

Photos by Chris (MV Beverly J)

Rick's forty-second birthday also gave us an excuse for a dock party - the Dock 5 gang and other friends joined in the fun! It was a double-whammy: The mast is nearing completion and we celebrated one great guy!

Mix 'n Match
It was all a bit of a blur

The birthday boy and his famous 25 year old shirt
(Do you recognize it Jacquie?)
Victoria offshoot
SV Wondertime and SV Del Viento - Dinghy party!

We even managed to leave the dock for some rabble-rousing at anchor with SV Wondertime and for a bonfire on land. In spite of some setbacks, life in Mexico is muy bueno!

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