Thursday, 29 December 2011

and two more, makes five!

When we told other cruisers we had two more crew coming on Christmas Eve, their eyes grew big... They'd ask with frozen smiles and head shakes, "Oh... Wow. How big is your boat?" True, Nyon isn't a big sailboat, and five is a lot. Are we crazy? Maybe. I think we'd be crazy not to welcome some of our favourite people aboard Nyon. 

Yes, it means two of us camp out in the cockpit to sleep at night, we take turns cooking or bump bodies helping each other out in the galley, we play in the water like kids,enjoy lively conversations and quiet times together. There is sunshine here, Spanish to stumble through, and a culture to explore. They get to see what the voyaging life is like - no, not the idealized version. They even get to see us grumpy once in a while. What do we get out of it? We get some quality time with friends who know us  very well, and love our "sweet" nutty personalities.* We can't ask for much more than that.

Bliss is found in a hammock, in case you're wondering
There was no snow, but there were stockings!

Christmas brought good cheer on Nyon. We celebrated at a leisurely pace, enjoying opening surprise stockings, a delicious brunch and wandering through the market before heading for the beach. An  afternoon spent in the sunshine, where old friends met some of our new cruising friends while enjoying simple pleasures.

Rick and SV Wondertime's little Holly - enjoying a peaceful moment after
leaping through waves
*Sweet nuts are delicious honey-coated pecans obtained at the La Cruz Farmer's market... And to quote Jeff: "Who doesn't like sweet nuts?"


  1. A boat full of friends camping out in the cockpit and making memories ... sounds awesome! We can't wait to pile up our Catalina 30 with friends once we actually get out there and start cruising! Have an amazing 2012!

  2. I would definitely have had them over! even more. You are in paradise and as long as you confine guests to the inside or outside of your boat, it's cool. Its not the boat they are there to see!
    Happy Holidays



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