Thursday, 10 November 2011

on kelp, whales and big hair

Bahia Tortugas, how I love thee. I'm just so very happy to be off the dock and anchored near this dusty little town. 

Monday was the big exodus from Ensenada. The weather window was good, and many boats were chomping at the bit. The line-ups were long at the migración and Capitan de Puerto offices - we were all trying to check out at the same time. 

Once we rounded the point, we sailed most of the way, only motoring for 3 hours. Rick might have toughed it out, but I put my foot down. I'm all for slowing down, but 1.2 knots in rolly seas was more than my sanity could handle. Luckily, Rick was more than willing to save what was left of it, (it was a win-win situation)! Soon we were able to set sail again. 

We were accompanied by dolphins late in the evening, and whales swam with us one afternoon. They were within 1 to 2 boat lengths, it was pretty exciting. Rick's hair became wilder as the trip went on, we figure it suits him. Go big or go home! So far he's only caught kelp with his trolling line. But we have hope. He dreams of catching mahi-mahi further south. We are practicing with kelp. At least it doesn't put up a fight. 

It was a good passage. The moon lit our nights and the sunsets and sunrises added colour to our days. Time to do some boat chores, get our flip flops dusty in the town and drink cervezas on the beach. Oh wait, we already did that with SV Wondertime! It's a good start.

After we rounded Cabo Punta Banda, we hoisted our sails
and began our 3-day passage in the sunshine

Look ma, Rick caught a... piece of kelp! (Still working
on catching our first fish!)

The hair gets wilder and wilder by day 3

One of the whales that swam with Nyon

Yep, still wearing foulies at night. T-shirts and rolled up jeans
during the day though. Last night on passage, and feeling
the fatigue.

The sunrise greeted us upon our arrival in Bahia Tortugas


  1. Dolphin, whales, and beaches ... sounds like heaven! Love the sunset shot!

  2. A bit of heaven for sure... That actually was the sunrise, a glorious way to start our day in Bahia Tortugas! :)



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