Monday, 14 November 2011

a little rain must fall

As we were getting ready to go ashore yesterday, we were greeted with this... Are we still in the desert-like Baja? I'm confused... The rainbow afterward was nice though. Today the sun is shining. Many boats are heading south. We're planning on following them tomorrow. Warmer waters await...

The lovely aftermath

The next day, the sun shines once again


  1. "What happened to Mexico?!"


    Looks really nice the next day though. So excited for you guys. Really enjoying the photos as you continue to head south.

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  3. For us it didn't really get warm and desert-y until Cabo. We're baking in Los Frailes right now. Come join us!

  4. Wow, what a great rainbow pic! There's always good with the bad!

  5. We're feeling the warmth now Livia! In Cabo, after a swim and actually enjoying the insanity! May not make it your way as of yet - planning to take the leap to Banderas Bay for December as friends are coming down to sunny Mexico and some Nyon-time - perhaps we'll see you there?

    The rainbow has made way for sunshine-y goodness, and I don't mind one bit...



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