Monday, 28 November 2011

la cruz-ing it

On our way to La Cruz de Huanacaxtle - We had... Light winds (out came the colourful gennaker), strong winds (time to reef that sail... NOW), lightning (from afar, thank goodness). A touch of rain (refreshing), extreme heat and sunshine (buckets were sweated), and boisterous seas (oh yeah, we were rockin' and rollin'). And yet again, we arrived at night (jitters). We made better time than we expected (wow!)... 

We are settling in nicely after a 3-day passage, (phew). Our first day included wandering the town (in the middle of the day, silly, silly gringos); buying cold beers (okay, not so silly), and sharing them with friends on SV Wondertime, (getting smarter). A taco stand later (good find Sara and Michael!), and a row in the dark, (bonus points for Rick: He turned on the anchor light before we left). Time for sleep, (yawn). End of story. (For now.)

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