Thursday, 24 November 2011

honey, i've got a feeling we're not in magdalena bay anymore

We went from this....

Puerto Magdalena shore

The tiny pueblo, a fishing village where electricity is turned off at
10:30 p.m.

To this....

Swimming among cruise ships and jet skis, trying to not get run
over (Today's cruise ship is anchored, much closer... Yikes!)

Can't get rid of them loud and crazy jet skis, luckily they
disappear after dark

Well, this sure ain't your little pueblo

In the end, we adapted...

Post-swim or is it pre-swim?
We lost track

A dolphin's eye view


  1. Great Photos! so awesome you guys made it all the way to Mexico. CONGRATS. love the pics of your two.

  2. Kyra and Rick,

    Wonderful story of your adventures. Kyra should be a travel writer. (publish this after the trip?)

    It would be great to hear the dark silent one tell his version of a day's adventures. Once a week the diary should come from Rick?!

    Cheers, Rob H.

  3. Hey Nyon
    really enjoying the Blog, sounds like a great time down there.I second the idea of a Rick weekly column or possibly some more great
    soulful renditions.
    what are you using for charts?
    cheers, Simplicity.

  4. Just so you know the weather here is
    very dramatic, windy and wet.

  5. I would LOVE for Rick to write on the blog. I'm waiting for him to find the inspiration...He is a great writer. I'll pass along your requests. :-)

    Thanks for the lovely comments, and shayne and brett, we're not missing the wet bit at all - come join us!

  6. Oh Shane, to answer your question: We have been using Navionics (but also have Open CPN on our laptop) and paper charts. Navionics seems to be the most updated for where we've been so far.



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