Saturday, 5 November 2011

ensenada: first impressions

The Whale Man

Loved this sculpture of whale bones and and steel. I liked the "legend of the whale man" which inspired the sculpture. Both were created by the same artist. You can read more about it here.

The Waterfront path, with Baja Naval on the left. We are
the only wooden mast, on the far right

Wandering the streets of Ensenada

Mexican pride
This flag measures 164x92 feet and weighs 265lbs. When the wind blows, the flag becomes a slow moving sculpture high up in the air.

He won't even pause for a photo-op. They're
that good! We were also that hungry!
Rogelio told us which stand made the best tacos de pescado. We heartily agree with him. Tacos Lucero is the place to go for fish tacos! The fish market is loaded with a large variety of fish and seafood. Tonight's dinner is coming from there. The plan is to learn to fish ourselves, (we have our licenses, our book of instructions and advice, and some gear... Let's see where that takes us.) While we fumble as the beginners we are, we'll be content with buying fresh fish from the local fishermen.

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