Monday, 14 November 2011

bahia tortugas snapshots

As we row to shore, dolphins and pelicans are everywhere. We love the dolphins who swim by the boat regularly... We like the pelicans from a distance. They particularly like hanging out on the boat in the photo below; the stench as we row by is rather potent, inspiring us to row quickly past it!

Dolphins frolicking in the anchorage
Pelicans and cormorants chillin' out
The dusty main drag of Bahia Tortugas

Remember those tamales? Here is the chef! Magdalena is warm and effusive, plus, she makes the best tamales!

The lovely Magdalena with Rick
By Monday afternoon, many boats left the bay to go further south, we'll be following them early Wednesday morning, when the winds hopefully pick up. While ashore, Leianne and Dave organized a piñata party for some of the kids in the town... We pitched in, but headed off to get our provisioning done, and missed the piñata action. We hung out with a few boaters, as well as Hector, Kalel, and Rogelio - we were also joined by Pampa, (Rogelio's nephew), who made some yummy ceviches and even let me help!

Dueling cameras with Kristy from SV Liahona
The boys enjoying their piñata candy
Pampa and Kyra shucking choros for one of the ceviches.
Choro is what they call a mussel here
Rogelio looking very serious in this
picture, (he actually smiles a lot)
Pampa filleting a bonito for a
delicious ceviche! Raw fish, yum!
Kalel and Rick discussing Cabo

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