Thursday, 6 October 2011

on the kindness of strangers

We have been in the San Francisco Bay area for nearly three weeks. A lot has happened in those three weeks. We wore out our sandals walking all over this fabulous city. As you already know, the San Francisco vibe has charmed us. 

At a dock for the first time in
a month
We anchored while in the Bay area. We like anchoring. Then the opportunity to stay at a dock in Alameda came up. And boy, were we excited! REAL showers, a constant supply of electricity,  water, easy access to provisioning... This all sounded pretty good to us after being on the hook for a month. With that mindset, we headed to the Oakland Yacht Club. 

Can I make a confession? That was my first Yacht Club experience. I never thought of myself as a yachtie. We're more like the hillbillies of yachting. Okay, I'm exagerating, but there's more gypsy than yachtie when it comes to our identity as boaters. It turns out the Oakland Yacht Club is a very laid back club. To quote one of its members, it's even a little redneck. (Please forgive the generalization.) One had to wonder, how would Kyra fit in there?

Let me tell you about our experience at OYC. First, Steve and Carmel, who were both on the same dock welcomed us warmly. We then met Jim who gave Rick a hard time for sorting our laundry in preparation for a trip to the laundromat. Well, if you know me, you'll know I razzed him right back. THIS mister, is an equal opportunity boat! The next day, Jim asked if we'd crew on his boat for the Oktober Fest Regatta, he needed crew. We said yes.  That was my first dip into racing sailboats. After many laughs and a couple mishaps, this very patient skipper took us out for dinner at the club. The razzing didn't stop.

And then there was Kyra's eye. My eye had been giving me trouble for the entire time we'd been in San Francisco. I'd already been forced to navigate the American Medical System once, (and that my friends, is an adventure when you're Canadian). By the time I got to the OYC and the race was done, I was in agony. When Steve found out, he personally called his eye doctor. I was in that doctor's waiting room a half an hour later. Steve drove me there. I found out I had Acute Iritis, a condition linked to my Ankylosing Spondylitis. Steve drove me to the drug store and back to the club. Carmel, kept dropping off fruit and treats, while checking in on us. And Jim offered us rides if we needed them. All I can say is, we were overwhelmed by the kindness of  these people, who only recently were strangers to us.

After 5 days, we said goodbye and left to explore Angel Island, to celebrate my birthday. We had fun hiking in the rain, although the deer seemed annoyed by our presence. We came back to the boat, muddy, scratched and wet, but happy. Rick made me a wacky cake, and I blew out the candles. Wow, I'm officially 39 now.  

We are now back in Aquatic Park readying ourselves, at long last, for our departure from the Bay. Monterey, here we come!


  1. Has it already been a month at anchor?! I'm sure staying at the yacht club with a hot shower was much appreciated! Isn't it nice to know there's still generous people out there? Happy belated birthday Kyra!

  2. Okay, I have to ask... Is a wacky cake just a cake that is wacky or is it an actual SV Nyon staple cake type. ;)

    Happy birthday. Photos from San Fran are awesome. We're jealous.


  3. Hahaha, uhm, wacky cake is what Rick's family calls it, it's an eggless chocolate cake. :) (We forgot to buy eggs, so our options were limited...)
    We did stay at a public dock in Port Angeles, but yeah, it's already been one month!

  4. Hey Kyra, Finally catching up on your Blog! I am really enjoying them so keep the coming! I hope your eye is better!

  5. Thanks J. My eye is better! Woohoo! One month of treatments and I should be good as new! Glad you like the blog, it's quite fun for me to do. Hugs to you and the fam



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