Thursday, 13 October 2011

the lay of the land

In Morro Bay, it has been hot. And we love it! The forecast announced stinky seas out by Point Conception, so we are waiting until the seas settle. In the meantime,  boat chores abound, and there is provisioning to do, laundry to clean, and Southern California to plan. One of the exciting prospects of heading to SoCal, is seeing my sister and her family. I am patiently waiting it out... Ahem.

The first morning in Morro Bay, I went on a reconnaissance of the town. Part of a voyager's routine is to figure out the lay of the land in each new town: Where is the laundromat, post office, grocery store; where are the best fish tacos, etc. On that first trek, I stopped in a little gallery displaying lovely pottery. Ross, the owner, and I ended up having a long chat.  When he found out I was a sailor, he offered me a stack of Sail magazines he was about to recycle. I couldn't say no, fun reading material, woohoo! We shared stories about stressful sailing  experiences, the joys of voyaging, interesting locales worth visiting. It was another of those moments you just click with a complete stranger. He and his wife Hedy had set up Full Moon, a studio and gallery I would have loved to work in. 

Other than buying saltwater taffy and wandering into that gallery, we felt like "regulars" on the waterfront. It was nice. The never ending chorus of sea lions accompanied us with our morning coffee and evening beer in the cockpit. We rowed to shore daily, or at least I did. Of course, we went to the library. (Surprised? Local libraries are great for research and the internet is fast and free.)

Morro Bay, has been a chill experience. Sea otters, sea lions and pelicans abound. We often hear the "ploof" of a pelican diving in for a catch; there is nothing subtle about it. The cacophony of sea lions, the fishing boats going in and out,  the echo of the fish taco place calling out order numbers, the gusts of wind and strange current in the estuary, all add to the experience. There are a few boats here that we recognize from Neah Bay. Chats ensue, but everybody is keen to move south. 

This afternoon, the wind is supposed to calm down, we are planning to head out later in the day. If the forecast doesn't change, that is. We'll take it as it comes. A hard lesson still, but we're getting there.

Next: The Channel Islands


  1. Sea lions and otters ... sounds like an amazing place! Glad ya'll made it through the fog and are enjoying the sun!

  2. Sounds like a nice place to me :)

    When you say "Stinky seas" is that a sailor expression or a litteral term?

    Incidentally, you guys didnt happen to try any fish taco's did you?

    Hope you guys are having fun :)

  3. So glad we got to meet you in Cat Harbor. Hope we run into you guys again someday soon!

  4. Likewise Tucker, lovely meeting you guys, I'm sure we'll meet up in sunny and warm climes very soon! Cheers!



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