Friday, 2 September 2011

unraveling the dock lines

Goodbye Victoria Marina
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We left our dock on Tuesday morning after many emotional goodbyes with old friends and some of our family. This time, there was no fanfare, nor tears; a neighbour came by to wish us well. The bridge operator lifted the bridge and we said goodbye over the VHF, me with a shaky voice. (Rick laughed, you are emotional saying goodbye to the bridge operator? Yes, yes I am.) What can I say, I've said a lot of goodbyes in my life. I know what goodbye means.

But we haven't really left yet. We headed up to Maple Bay to haul out. Phil, at Cove Yachts, was great. As I was nervously chewing my fingers watching Nyon lift out of the water, he was calm, cool, and collected. Thirty years in the business will do that.

Here she comes
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We've always used a ways to haul out
until now, this is different!
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While Nyon was getting a makeover and a new prop, we spent the day running around with Rick's awesome sister Jacquie and our nephews, gathering necessities and picking up our newly mended dodger. A few bumps and glitches later, we arrived at our friend Karina's, worn out and exhausted. A delicious homemade meal, some TLC, and a shower later, we felt much better. Thank you KK. More goodbyes, thanks for everything Barb and Bjarne! We'll remember: Trust and flexibility. Yes. We left the next morning with our friend Allan, who not only drove us back to Maple Bay, tied up many loose ends, but also found buyers for our van!

By the time we got to Pender Island to continue chipping away at our list, we were a bit shellshocked. A good night's sleep at anchor, and here we are with our coffee in hand, ready to tackle more jobs and more goodbyes. A few more days, and we'll be "out there".

Leaving to sail the seas is a process. It's not swift. It drags, it plods, it exhausts. We're keeping our eyes on the prize and while we sometimes lose sight, we have moments of excitement that give us that next burst of energy. 

If anything, the experience of leaving has reminded us how much we are loved by those we are leaving behind. 


  1. Thank you! We are excited that our adventure is about to begin. But really, the whole process is an adventure... (as I bet you know from your refit).

  2. You are only leaving us physically... Really, we are just as close as before



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