Sunday, 25 September 2011

to market, to market

The San Francisco Farmer's Market
I love Farmers' Markets. Small markets, big markets... I love them all. I think it's because it's in my blood.

On my father's side, I come from a family of maraîchers. (Vegetable farmers, or market gardeners in English). That was the family business. Needless to say, I am very appreciative of the farmers who bring their goods to city dwellers and sea gypsies with a craving for juicy cherry tomatoes.

Patterns of figs and cherry tomatoes
I also have fond memories of going to the Kitchener Farmer's Market with my older sister, when we both still lived in Ontario. And until recently, I relished my forays at the Moss Street Market in Victoria. I would pick up canned goods from that lady who made the most awesome pepper jelly. And the produce. Oh the produce. My mouth waters thinking about it. So of course, when I heard that San Francisco had a Farmer's Market, it immediately went on "the must-see-do-smell-touch-taste" list.

Saturday morning was cloudy and the wind was a little chilly, but it wasn't raining. We rowed to shore, hopped on the cable car, (from Aquatic Park, the F-Line takes you to the Ferry Terminal which is where this market is situated).

A medley of peppers and eggplant
There's an indoor section that has little shops. You know, where they sell gourmet olive oils, artisan cheeses, and the like. Then there are tents in front, beside, and behind the Pier Building. The place was crowded. We weren't the only ones excited by the prospect of spending time at the market. Tourists and locals mingled while sampling pears, cheeses, falafel...

Rick suggested we start from the left and go to the right. He has a very systematic way of navigating these kinds of environments. (Just like his father, when we'd accompany him to the flea market, (swap meet).

Flowers for you
Mm, juicy grapes

"Kyra, you can't zig-zag like that... Kyra! Where are you going?" Soon, Rick gave up and followed me as I went this way and that, retracing my steps, getting caught up discussing this peach with another customer, or those potatoes with the vendors. My nose tends to guide me, no system can beat that. I mean, this is a foodie's heaven after all.

We're on a budget. A tight budget. This is a market in the city. It's not cheap. Still, we found small bits of delectables to make a very respectable picnic, that we are about to enjoy. With some cheap red wine of course... We have to cut   corners somewhere after all!

Lucious purple
In the basket

And as we (half) French say:

Bon Appétit!

Crusty bread, stinky goat cheeses, salami, salad and
cheap wine with Rick. (Oh, and the sun reappeared)
One happy gal.
My Dutch side, says "Lekker!"


  1. Great pictures! I noticed the figs too. I looove figs, so these look delish! Living on a budget isn't bad when you know how to do it ... looks like a great meal!

  2. Aren't they huge figs? I must add, those cherry tomatoes... like candy! Mmmm! We worked in theatre for years, we are familiar with tight budgets... I think a big part is adjusting priorities. If it means we can travel for longer, than I'm okay with it. :)



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