Tuesday, 27 September 2011

san francisco: a photo essay

View of the Golden Gate and the breakwater, from 
Aquatic Park, our first anchorage in San Francisco

 Left: Rick, stunned by the deliciousness of the beer at the
Rogue Pub in North Beach (Little Italy)
Right: It ain't all fun and games... Nyon needs attention too!

The Rogue Pub, it was recommended to us by twenty-something locals. They serve micro-beers from Portland, Oregon. Our favourite: Shakespeare Oatmeal Stout. Good casual atmosphere, and great beer, what more could you want in a pub? Oh yeah, our pals. Then it's up the mast. (No, not on the same day!) Maintenance doesn't end, not even in San Francisco.

Thank goodness Nyon didn't need that much love!
The latest project in the small-boat shop

Hyde Street Pier. We enjoyed visiting there, as it meant we got to talk boats with John the ranger who was also a sailor and we went aboard Balclutha, a three-masted barque. Rick the tall ship junkie was satisfied.


Near Haight and Ashbury... lovely shapes and colours

Walking fiends take a break
We love exploring cities on foot. We went through a number of neighbourhoods, taking in their energy, checking out the architecture, finding little out-of-the-way galleries and a Salvadorian restaurant.

 On the hunt for cool murals in the Mission District

Salted Caramel and Malted Vanilla, 'nuff said
Okay maybe we'll let you in on it: Bi-rite Creamery at 18th and Dolores, (in the Mission District, near Castro). It was recommended by a local. Now we know why.

Chilling out in Lois (?) Park, 
between Mission and Castro.
That there, is a highschool. 
No, really.

On Castro, enjoying the sunshine and the vibe


  1. Looks like a neat city to explore. What are you guys using to go up the mast like that? Is it one of those top climbers?

  2. We LOVED Bi-rite. Ike's sandwiches were pretty fantastic as was the Blue Bottle coffee. And we went to the Rogue at Washington Square. Mmmm...

  3. Rick uses Prusik knots to climb the mast. We have used other techniques, this technique is safe and cheap. Ascenders would be nice though.
    Oh we haven't tried Ike's or Blue Bottle Livia, we will be here 'til the end of the weekend (I've been fighting a bad eye infection) - so we may just get to check those out as I seem to be on the mend at last!

  4. Wow guys! That place looks fantastic! I really like the building shapes, they're very interesting, and very creative.

    Out of curiousity, what kind of icecream did you guys taste at the creamery?

  5. Haha, of course YOU would want to know about the ice cream! :) I had Salty Caramel and Malted Vanilla, Rick had Salted Caramel and Coffee Toffe,but that wasn't enough, another ice cream fan (Australian tourist) convinced him to go get more, so he ordered Strawberry Balsamic and Toasted Banana... He really didn't need much convincing... you know Rick...

  6. Lol, yeahhhh ^_^ … that sounds amazingly delicious :o
    So rick had icecream that was strawberry balsamic? Does that mean they put vinegar in the icecream??

    Haha, yeah sounds like Rick, but then again, I wouldn’t have needed much convincing either ;) That’s really cool that you guys meet other tourists too, I find Australians have the coolest accents!



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