Friday, 9 September 2011

poised for the leap

Juan de Fuca Strait
Once we left Port Angeles, we motor-sailed, and then simply motored up the Juan de Fuca Strait for 8 hours, as there was practically no wind. What a difference from our last trip this way! Our brand-spanking new auto-pilot, who has yet to be named, did most of the work. Rick kept raving about it throughout the day. (I don't look forward to the day it breaks down. Because it will.) Among sailors, the old adage has been taken for a little spin: If it ain't broke, just wait!

Catching up on sleep...
Standing watch is much more relaxed. (This is reminiscent of when Wendy steers to the wind.) And we both admit, the auto-pilot keeps a better course than we do. I mean, it doesn't get caught up in a discussion and steer toward the person being addressed, I could learn a thing or two from this gizmo...

Among sailors, Neah Bay is known as a stop-over where boats leaving the Pacific Northwest stay, while waiting for a suitable weather window for the trip south. It's also where we're tackling our last projects necessary for our offshore trip. 

Neah Bay, upon our arrival
We are tired of writing and talking about leaving. We just want to take the leap, damn it! We plan on leaving tomorrow morning, weather dependent. That will always be so. Mother Nature is our guiding force. But first, we're preparing meals, fighting with the Shortwave Radio, and tackling all kinds of jobs that keep cropping up. We plan on going ashore this afternoon, to check out the museum and pick up more fruit. 

Neah Bay, two days later, shrouded in fog


  1. Hi guys, good luck on the run south! Hopefully you'll get less fog than we did :)
    I'm sure we'll be meeting in person sooner or later... at a lower latitude.


  2. (((Rick and Kyra))) Rats, I think we must have passed each other somewhere near Pender -- we arrived at Bedwell on the afternoon of Monday, Sept. 5th. Sorry we missed you, but I just want to say that I'm so proud of you guys, and excited for you -- Michael and I will be following your blog and hoping that you have the adventure of a lifetime!

  3. Hey Aaron! We look forward to meeting you guys too, where it's warm! We're in Drake's Bay (30nm from The Golden Gate Bridge). We'll finally be in San Francisco - tomorrow - taking 'er easy today. Thanks Marylin for the good wishes, all the best to you guys too! Cheers



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