Monday, 26 September 2011

the feel-good locker

The September Box
We have what we call, a feel-good locker. What is a feel good locker you ask? Let me tell you. It's a locker, (to be honest, two separate lockers), where we've stowed little packages. These little packages are wrapped in brown paper. 

Some are labelled: To open when one of you is feeling down or, when one of you is sick or, when you're having a fancy dinner. Some are more general: To be opened sometime in September. These were given to us by a variety of friends, just before we left Canadian shores.

Will the unicorn make Kyra's eye
all better?
We have resisted the temptation to explore the treasures of our feel-good locker until yesterday. We want the surprises to last. We want them there when we really need them... Later, when we've been away for much longer, perhaps when we're feeling  a little homesick. Luckily, one of the packages was labelled The September Box. We figured waiting until September 24  for that one, was more than reasonable. 

The twenty-fourth was an overcast day. We were both feeling a bit ho-hum. I am battling a painful eye condition (ugh), and we needed some cheering up. So when Rick said, "Let's open our September Box!" I literally jumped up and dug out the first treasure.

This treasure made us smile, laugh and the warm fuzzies abounded. Our peeps know us so well. It doesn't take much. But it's like a mini-burst of goodness. Thank you Dana, Karina, Jeff and Ali. We love the doodles, the yummy recipes, the chocolate, the music, the poem for Rick, and the felted unicorn. (Okay, who made the unicorn? We're confused, Ali says she can't take credit for it.) And Jeff, your quote is up on our midship companionway door.

Rick can't help smiling either,that chocolate is good! And
our friends feel ever so much closer

Just so you know, the unicorn is Nyon's new mascot. We need a name for her. Any ideas?


  1. A "feel good" locker ... what a great idea! We're gonna have to plant this seed into our friends and family!

  2. Thats a really neat idea, and it keeps you guys with a steady supply of suprises if you ever get bored (as if that will happen ;) )

    Who thought of it?

  3. It's apparently a tradition, for people who head off cruising, sailor friends of ours gave us a bag of gifties, and our little gang came up with their own version. It is great!

  4. Have you guys named the Unicorn yet? How about snow-feet? Or frost-fingers? Or vanilla-skies!

  5. LOVE the feel-good locker idea! So fun.

    Does the unicorn have a name yet? How about Vivian. Unless it's a boy, then maybe Felix. :)

    Can't wait to finally meet up with you guys!
    -Nicole (s/v Bella Star)

  6. Thanks for the suggestions! The unicorn was officially named Winnie Masthead... and she has a partner in crime, from the October box! Look forward to meeting you guys too Nicole! Cheers



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