Tuesday, 6 September 2011

day 1 - in pictures

The morning of September 6, 2011

Nearing Clover Point, on our way out. Rick saw them first.

Our peeps bidding us farewell... That made Kyra cry, and Rick
smile. (Oh how we cope differently!)

Here the wind hasn't picked up yet, but check out those
 awesome pockets sewn by Karina. Does this mean
sunglasses won't ever be misplaced again?
Stay tuned

Mixed emotions all rolled into one tired gal

And then... There was fog. Thick, milky fog. We took down the 
sails. Kyra got a little, huh, shall we say, frantic when she heard
the Coho ferry's horn as it was leaving  Port Angeles. We got
the hell out of the way. We just could not see ships or land, even
when depths got to 25 feet! (Good thing for GPS.)Thank you AIS
and thank you Puget Sound Coast Guard who told us how  far we
had to go to get to the Customs dock, we really could not  see
anything. Incredibly, the sun was shining in all its glory when our
friendly customs officer Mitch checked us in. It was surreal how
quickly the fog cleared.

Later in the day, in Port Angeles. Where is everybody?

Editor's note: As we travel, time, opportunity and inspiration will vary, but we will endeavour to update our blog fairly regularly. This blog was started to let our loved ones know how we are doing and what we're doing with our good ol' boat, and now that includes other readers as well. We hope you enjoy it, and don't worry if you don't hear from us for a while. We are busy adventuring!


  1. The very first picture in the morning is so peaceful and beautiful! Sounds like that changed quickly, and we're glad ya'll didn't get run over by a ferry! Have a great time "adventuring"!

  2. Woah! Livia, 90F you say? Yes! Can't wait to be there and soak up the heat! :) We're in Neah Bay now. (Cheryl, first day all in all went well - it was only tense for a while, thank goodness.)

  3. Hey Guys
    Cant wait to follow you two didgitally.
    we pulled into caddy bay around one am on tuesday we saw you there and missed you in the morning. so glad we got close anyway on your first day.
    all the best and fair winds

    shayne brett sam

  4. We saw Simplicity nearby as we weighed anchor - would have loved to toast life afloat with you guys (although 08:00 is a little early for that, haha... hugs, nyon crew



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