Tuesday, 20 September 2011

a 10,560 foot red milestone

As we neared the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, we turned into official bridge nerds… It began with Rick’s rendition of Mungo Jerry’s “San Francisco Bay Blues” and went on from there. I was killing myself laughing, so I asked if I could film him. For a shy guy, he knows how to ham it up. And is it me or did he Muppet-ify the song in the end? You tell me. (For those of you who don’t know us, we love our Muppets. Love them. Our wedding song was The Rainbow Connection. I kid you not.)

We were one cheerful crew after our mini-break in Drake’s Bay, and as we traveled the last 30 nautical miles to San Francisco, our grins grew wider. Rest and sunshine will do that.

The bridge seemed like a hazy mirage at first. As we rounded Point Bonita, it finally appeared in all its glory.

As we rounded Point Bonita, there she was


Sailing under the bridge: An iconic moment
Rick is the architecture and history dude in our family, but even I was excited at the sight. It is rather majestic. (Did you know that the about to be defunct Johnson Street Bridge in Victoria was designed by one of the designers that created the awesome Golden Gate Bridge? Neither did I.) There were sailboats everywhere, the wind at first fickle, funnelled us through as we passed under the bridge. All of a sudden, we were sailing at 8 knots.

So this is sailing in San Francisco Bay!
And then we saw all the boats. Holy cow! Dodging sailboats left, right and center, we found our way to Aquatic Park, our first pit-stop. And took a deep breath.

You can't see the multitude of sailboats in this shot, but it felt
like we were dodging bullets, there were so many!

Dousing the main in
San Francisco Bay

Hello San Francisco!


  1. Congratulations! Been following your blog and glad to hear you made the long haul down the west coast without any major problems.
    Fair Winds
    Phil & Laurie Gowdy
    Ontario Canada

  2. Sailing under the Golden Gate Bridge had to be awesome! Looking forward to hearing about San Fransisco!

  3. Thanks Gill! We are happy the passage went well, and have very much enjoyed visiting San Francisco so far. We are now in a quieter anchorage, recharging our batteries (so to speak), and doing boat jobs. K&C, Rick will be writing about San Fran soon! Photos are coming up too!



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