Wednesday, 17 August 2011

please, come in

This is Nyon. We have sailed and lived on her for 4 years. Yeah, the wood needs to be refinished, the cushions need some new covers, and the list goes on. But. We think she's lovely.

P.S. If you're wondering where the chart table is, it slides out (like a drawer), and sits above the fridge, our electronics, which you can't see in the video, are above that and on the companionway door.


  1. She is very lovely, and your artwork is amazing! I especially like the art in the "head"!

  2. Thank you! An old friend recently commented that our boat felt like the little house we once owned, very colourful and eclectic seems to be our style!

  3. Wonderful! Love the art.
    Did I detect a bottle of Aveeno in the head?

  4. Bon voyage Kyra & Rick: Our paths haven't crossed too much since we returned from Mexico - but we wish you a safe, fabulous journey southward, and will stop by here from time to time. Perhaps we will catch up and cross wakes later this cruising season as we head back to INTREPID II. Carol & Kelly



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