Sunday, 17 July 2011

sea of consciousness

Dodd Island
What’s it like to spend two weeks with Nyon in Barkley Sound? 

Pretty starfish 
Napping in a grassy knoll – Tasting the sea in a freshly shucked oyster – Rowing into nooks and crannies – Hummingbird visits – Sailing with our colourful gennaker – Shared meals with sailor friends – Reading The Lacuna while lounging in the hammock on the foredeck – Sitting on chocolate cake, (no, not Kyra to all you inquiring minds) – Sewing jacklinesby hand! – Mini-boat jobs in beautiful anchorages – Breaching humpback whales – Dolphins swimming around our boat at night – Out of sight of land, (during our offshore practice run) – Another gorgeous sunset – Three beautiful sunrises – Balancing on a large fallen tree trunk – Hiking – Scoping out  sea caves – Another meal with friends on Freya and Antares – Finding our way through multitudes of reefs – Being rocked to sleep in the sea berth – Whipping dock lines2 – Daredevil sponge bath while on a 7½ knot close reach3 –  Laughing until your sides hurt – Night rainfall, oh right, can’t ignore that leak – More breaching humpback whales – Sharing stories – Buddy boating – Exploring – Baking bread while sailing in light winds – Eavesdropping on the VHF radio but missing CBC radio 2 – Waging war on mosquitoes – Blissing out (Right Carol?) – Solitary exploration of quiet coves – Disconnected from the rest of the world, in tune with nature – Rum and coke – Sailing through reefs – Planning for THE big trip – Leisurely drinking coffee while listening to birds chirping – Friends and anemones – Soaring Bald Eagles  Hunkering down in the cabin while it pours  Playing Crib and perfecting the art of gloating... right Bjarne? – Sailing, and more sailing
Mmmm... Freshly shucked oysters
(Thank,s Jim and Carol!)
Quotes from the trip:
  • “Oh, I thought that was a town…” (Rick realizing a freighter as such during our night sail on the Juan the Fuca Strait.)
  • “I hate our prop.” (Kyra and Rick on numerous occasions.)
  • “Wheeeee!” (Carol’s reaction to seeing humpback whales breaching off Effingham Island.)
  • “Ha ha ha ha….” (Everyone laughing at Kyra. Again.)
Heading offshore, our practice run
Lessons learned:
  • Stugeron is Kyra's best friend when riding the swells of the Pacific. Nothing like steering the boat with one hand and throwing up in our dinghy bailer with the other hand to learn that one. Rick was off-watch and sleeping, lucky guy.
  • Motoring is not the fun part. (Okay, we already knew that.)
  • Wendy rocks!
  • Watching breaching humpback whales is like watching fireworks: You get the spectacle and the big "splash" and then half a second later, you get the BOOM.
  • AIS tells you not only when to worry, but also, when not to worry about another ship's course. 

1Jacklines are a safety line you clip your tether into when going out on deck in rough seas or while sailing offshore.
2 No, not that kind of whipping, I mean the kind when you bind the end of a rope with a thin line to keep it from fraying.
3 Sailing on a close reach means sailing with the wind coming from ahead of the beam, (that’s the middle of the boat). The closer to the wind you sail, the more the boat heels.
4AISAutomatic Identification System: A tracking system that provides the position, course and speed of  commercial vessels. It is very useful for staying out of the way! (It is now available for non-commercial vessels as well.)

Yummy homemade dried mango
(Thank you Barb and Bjarne for
the use of your dehydrator.)

Heading out on our
mini-offshore jaunt

Sunrise on the Pacific

A happy, if sleepy sailor

Freya sailing on the horizon

Exploring the caves of Tzartus Island

That's a humpback whale breaching (top left). Really!
Photo by Bjarne

Rick and Wendy. Oh, how we love Wendy!

A little crowded, no?

Meeting up with friends for some
more exploring

A small island in the Deer Group

Bread baking lessons for Rick
(Kind of like the blind leading the
blind... but it was yummy!)

The rabble-rousers
Photo by Bjarne

Nyon, in a lovely secluded bay


  1. Hurray!!! You did it, I'm so proud of you guys :) Can't wait to hear all about it!! (the face to face not so cleaned up version) tee hee


  2. Ha ha! Don't worry Jen, you'll get the dirt. Although, I can't say that throwing up in the dinghy bailer was all that pretty. That'll teach me for getting cocky... I swear, one day Rick WILL get seasick. It's only fair, right? xoxo

  3. So happy to read that your big adventure was successful! Love the photos too!

    I have dedicated my recent blog to you Kyra, so hope you give it a read! Thanks for the inspiration, & I look forward to following you on your adventure down south!

  4. Oh wow, thanks Cindy! I will most definitely read your blog entry. Cheers, Kyra



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