Wednesday, 27 July 2011

just plain sailing (with a sunset for good measure)

Here's a video clip of what it looked like when we sailed into the sunset, on our way to Barkley Sound... It was the nicest part of our journey there. Winds weren't crazy anymore, yet there still was wind! (Unlike later.) As you can see, we have the mainsail double-reefed1 as we choose to sail more conservatively as night falls.

(The wind sounds ominous, but that's just part of the recording.)

Next time we come this way, we'll be heading to California!  Woo-hoo!

1  Reefing is a maneuver used to reduce the area of a sail on a sailboat. This can improve the ship's stability and reduce the risk of capsizing, broaching, or damaging sails or boat hardware in a strong wind. It also simply slows the boat down.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

why i love this (so far)

I regularly read personal accounts written by people planning on doing or already doing what we've been dreaming and preparing for. The more I read and live it,  the more I notice a recurring theme. The "simple" life of a cruiser, voyager, or whatever you want to call us, is... challenging. (I can only speak from my perspective as an average-Joe-still-pretty-green-live-aboard sailor, with somewhat limited means and big dreams.)  What I can tell you is,  it is definitely not easy living. And I love it. 

Sunday, 17 July 2011

sea of consciousness

Dodd Island
What’s it like to spend two weeks with Nyon in Barkley Sound? 

the slog: a ramble on gales, pee breaks, and leaks

July 6, 2011 Log Entry

Antares, in Joe's Bay
This morning, we woke up cloaked in a foggy mist. Following a leisurely breakfast and not one, but two cups of café au lait, I relished reading a novel about another couple's adventures (and misadventures) at sea.1 We’re taking it easy today. Rick puttered about, and then rowed over to Antares with a plumbing fitting and in a visiting mood.


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