Wednesday, 25 May 2011

it ain't all glamour, baby

I have taken it upon myself to learn about the systems on our boat. (It's an ongoing process). After four years of training, Rick has the advantage of knowledge and work experience over me. But I won't be deterred. And as mentioned earlier, it's not like it's all smooth sailing even when you supposedly know what you're doing. 

And that brings us to yesterday. Yesterday, I was feeling ambitious. 

when some lessons are obvious

Blissful evening sail.
The May long-weekend was finally upon us. When you belong to BCA, (the Bluewater Cruising Association), it means you sail to Pender Island for a weekend of rabble-rousing, and a bit of learning for good measure. Luckily, we were both able to take Friday off work. I spent Thursday running around like a mad woman to get ready. (Rick was working on a customer's boat). We managed to go under the Johnson Street Bridge right on time. (After hours, we have to schedule in advance for a bridge operator to set us free from the Upper Harbour. This is unlike daytime hours, when you simply radio the bridge for a lift as you get off the dock.) What a great way to end a short but stressful week. It was a lovely evening on the water: The sun was still shining and we were sailing on a beam reach. Life was good.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

a to-do list with multiple personalities

The time that is between now and our departure date is shrinking. At a rapid pace. We find ourselves mentally splitting our Master To-Do List in two:

There is the Must-be-done-before-we-leave-so-that-we-can-make-it-to-our-destination-safely List and the Oh-well-we-can-take-care-of-that-in-San Francisco-San Diego-Ensenada? List

I know some of you out there know exactly what I mean.


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