Monday, 21 February 2011

some boat jobs are...

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Some boat jobs are fun! (And simply cosmetic.) Rick and I agreed that our lovely Nyon needed a little something. We decided to add art to the decor. Being an artist, I jumped at the idea. Our various locker doors are being turned into canvases for yours truly... It all began with Rick's octopus' garden. I illustrated an undersea scene for the head as per his suggestion. He named the octopus Ethel.

Meet Ethel.

Galley Lockers
Here are the Galley Lockers, The wood trim needs to be refinished, but the painting is done. This project was fun, and it certainly is a reflection of our colourful and eclectic personalities!

Below the sink in the Head.

Of course, we had to do other jobs this weekend, like re-routing the bilge hose, and upgrading the drain hoses in the galley and head. I did a lot of that, with Rick's help. Working on boats means, working in cramped spaces more often then not. Or having to work in odd positions. It's all part of the... challenge.

Jolly Roger Doin' Some Good

Minor injuries ensued and our shortage of band-aids became evident - here is the last of our pirate band-aids being put to good use. In the end we got ourselves some brand spanking new drain hoses installed.

In the meantime, Rick replaced the Cockpit drains. To access the cockpit drains and work on them means... Emptying the cockpit lockers. Now most of you know that Rick works in the marine industry and therefore has A LOT of tools. They live in the cockpit lockers. Some jobs are messy. And some jobs are in particularly tight places... This job was both.

Areal View

And that was our weekend, how was yours?


  1. oh my! I saw your video tour of Nyon and the paintings look soooo good. What did you paint them on and how are they protected from water? What kind of paint/sealer did you use?

    I LOVE the idea.

  2. Thank you! Two lockers were built by Rick, he used mahogany ply - I primed them with gesso, painted with Golden acrylics and sealed with a couple coats of gel medium (I plan on varnishing them, but decided to wait for now, in case I wanted to make changes. The Jellyfishes were old locker doors so I sanded them down and primed them, etc. It was fun to do, I'm used to doing art to sell, and this project was just for us!

  3. That's so neat. thanks for giving me the details..something like that may crop up on our boat.

  4. Let me know if you want more details - happy to share, I'd love to see more art in boats! :)Kyra



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