Sunday, 2 January 2011

goodbye 2010

Autumn was a whirlwind of activity, and we didn't sail as much as we wanted to. By early December we were a little wiggy from being at the dock too long. We headed out for a glorious three days. Rain, followed by incredible sunshine and solitude (we were the only boat in Bedwell Harbour), a hike in the forest and a cozy cabin with good books to come back to, lifted our spirits.

Rain or shine, we're on the water

Rick is liking the aroma of freshly baked cookies

Dousing the main as the skies begin to clear

Sitting pretty (and alone) in what is a usually crowded anchorage during the Summer months

Homeport bound: dramatic skies are the norm this time of year

We do not go shopping on Boxing Week, we go sailing. Luckily the weather seemed decent (if cold,) for a cruise. We headed to Portland Island. Once again, we were the only ones there. We hiked, hung out with a racoon, read, listened to an audio book while sketching and so on. Beats crowds in stores any day.

Heading out for our Christmas holiday sail - Bayne's Channel

Portland Island is beautiful in any season

Portland Island resident... we fell in love with this little raccoon with a bad eye and very little fear

Contrary to the original forecast, after a couple of days,the wind veered to NW and Royal Cove became uncomfortable.  We noticed the new forecast and spent a night getting up, checking the anchor, assessing the situation. Needless to say not much sleep was had. As the weather worsened, we weighed anchor and headed out. Bedwell Harbour (Pender Island) is sheltered and nearby, so we headed that way through choppy waters. As we neared Pender we were surprised to see snow! When we arrived we ran into sailing friends of ours who were just weighing anchor - a chat ensued between boats, (as the boats themselves circled each other,) until we bid them farewell. Another friend, who is a singlehander that lives across our dock at the marina, soon arrived and we enjoyed a wonderful visit with talks of offshore sailing and adventures south of here.

The icing on the cake was when we were homeport bound. While on Haro Strait, a pod of Pacific White-sided Dolphins decided to accompany us for part of our journey. We were exhilirated, and enjoyed watching them frolick alongside the boat and riding our bow wave. (We have a video clip, but it's too large for this blog.)

What a fabulous way to end 2010!

Winter sailing convert

Toward Snowy Pender Island

Happy on the water, (with hot-water bottles stuffed into our jackets)
The Year 2011 has begun. This will be a year of change. A year of adventure.We have big plans!

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