Thursday, 6 January 2011

off into the sunset

This is the year we take the next step in our life as sailors. Or rather, the BIG step.

After three years of being liveaboards in the Pacific Northwest, and as the ongoing refit of Nyon continues, we are coming closer to our goal. We plan on leaving Canadian shores this coming September 2011. Destination: South.

The to-do lists are long. Yes, there are many to do-lists: Legal, medical, boat projects, voyage planning, etc. Our nerves are a little jittery. (Well, I can only speak for myself here.) Above all, we are excited!

Some of our family and friends are scared for us. Some are thrilled. When my dad joined us on the boat two years ago, he told us in no uncertain terms. "I completely understand why you are doing this!" That was after a one-day sail! The adventurous spirit is afterall in his blood.  He dragged my mother and his four children, including me, on a 10-day Atlantic crossing to immigrate to Canada.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

goodbye 2010

Autumn was a whirlwind of activity, and we didn't sail as much as we wanted to. By early December we were a little wiggy from being at the dock too long. We headed out for a glorious three days. Rain, followed by incredible sunshine and solitude (we were the only boat in Bedwell Harbour), a hike in the forest and a cozy cabin with good books to come back to, lifted our spirits.

Rain or shine, we're on the water


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