Monday, 6 September 2010

gone sailin'

By the time July arrived, we really had the itch to get away for more than just a weekend. It's a bit of a juggling act, because Summer is when the marine industry is very busy... but even service providers need some R&R...

We were able to squeeze a week-long cruise into our busy schedules, and boy, are we grateful!

Tequila shots seemed to be a perfect way to celebrate 11 years of married adventures!

We included a gorgeous sunset for good measure...

Exploring Saturna Island.

Sailing toward Tumbo and Cabbage Islands

Our neighbours in Reef Harbour.

We loved Tumbo Island... (East of Saturna Island)

Much time was spent playing in the woods and on the rocks.

Charmed by the wildlife, we observed these two from a distance.

Nyon, sitting pretty in Reef Harbour. 
(Viewed from Tumbo Island, with Cabbage Island in the Background.

Tumbo Island's Fields and Marsh

One of our hangouts on Tumbo Island
Here it is, up close!

The crew enjoying each other's company.

Homeward Bound!

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