Monday, 6 September 2010

from paris to the west coast

In late Summer, my cousin Armelle landed in BC for the first time ever. We met up in  Ecuador 6 years ago, and I see her when I go to France to visit family. She had yet to come to the West Coast of Canada. It was a long-standing dream that finally came true.

The following snapshots, give you a glimpse of what it's like for someone to hang out on Nyon, that is new to sailing and the Northwest Pacific... It was good fun, to say the least!

Here is the Johnson Street Bridge, as we are passing under.
Photo: Armelle

Rick is always happy to talk about all things related to sailing and boats with anyone who's interested. Here our friend Dana is the recipient of "Rick-opedia". (Dana joined us for part of our cruise with my cousin.)

Sunset at anchor... 

The next morning, our guests are participating in the day-to-day stuff. We are, after all, an equal opportunity boat!

Rick is working on a small project on deck, as viewed through the portlight.
Photo: Armelle

Sidney Island

Rick contemplating the scenery.
Photo: Armelle

Splicing our stern-line, as we were headed to Royal Cove (Portland Island), and would need to do a stern-tie in the anchorage.
Photo: Armelle

The weather was noticeably cooler, windier and grey on the day we sailed to Portland.
Photo: Armelle

Here, I am taking a fix while trying to stay warm... What happened to Summer?
Photo: Armelle

Dramatic Skies after our arrival.

The next morning, the sky has cleared.
Photo: Armelle

Rowing to shore felt like a gift.
Photo: Armelle

It's beginning to feel like Fall on Portland Island!

S.V. Nyon
 Photo: Armelle

Handsome Sailor. No one can doubt he's a happy man!
Photo: Armelle

Rick, dousing the mainsail as
we approach the Inner Harbour.
Photo: Armelle

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