Monday, 6 September 2010

from paris to the west coast

In late Summer, my cousin Armelle landed in BC for the first time ever. We met up in  Ecuador 6 years ago, and I see her when I go to France to visit family. She had yet to come to the West Coast of Canada. It was a long-standing dream that finally came true.

on the water, again

S.V. Nyon, rounding Trial Island
August has been about sailing, lots of sailing. Short stints, as work keeps us at homeport more than we'd like, but every weekend is an excuse to get off the dock. Friends and family have joined us on our adventures on the water...

Our wharfinger noticed a pretty boat off Clover Point. When she realized it was Nyon, she got her camera out. These are the first photos we have of Nyon undersail since we've owned her.

August was special for many reasons, one being my first "solo" sail...

Chillin' at anchor.
I skippered the boat without Rick onboard. I was fortunate that my sailor friend B. wanted to join in the fun. She was a very encouraging and genial companion to have on this short cruise....

We were also treated with a special visit from Grey Whale in our anchorage.

Here, we are headed out on a different trip - our peeps came along for a short stint to Sidney Spit.


 Impromptu "Ballgame" on the beach, Sidney Island

The peeps exploring the warm(ish) waters around Sidney Island.

The K girls, hanging out in the cockpit.

Sidney Spit at low tide

gone sailin'

By the time July arrived, we really had the itch to get away for more than just a weekend. It's a bit of a juggling act, because Summer is when the marine industry is very busy... but even service providers need some R&R...

We were able to squeeze a week-long cruise into our busy schedules, and boy, are we grateful!

Tequila shots seemed to be a perfect way to celebrate 11 years of married adventures!

We included a gorgeous sunset for good measure...

Exploring Saturna Island.

Sailing toward Tumbo and Cabbage Islands

Our neighbours in Reef Harbour.

We loved Tumbo Island... (East of Saturna Island)

Much time was spent playing in the woods and on the rocks.

Charmed by the wildlife, we observed these two from a distance.

Nyon, sitting pretty in Reef Harbour. 
(Viewed from Tumbo Island, with Cabbage Island in the Background.

Tumbo Island's Fields and Marsh

One of our hangouts on Tumbo Island
Here it is, up close!

The crew enjoying each other's company.

Homeward Bound!

june bliss

June means more time on the water. We're still busy with all kinds of activities, social and otherwise. June was also a time of transition, Rick started his own Marine Services Company, Off The Hook. Check it out and pass it on!

Of course, we make time for relaxation too. Here I'm getting the royal treatment... The hammock purchased in Ecuador nearly 6 years ago, is a staple on our boat, the man bringing me a blanket is a bonus!

Enjoying an evening walk on Sidney Spit...

simple pleasures

May was a blurr of activity, including sailing and more boat projects... We're happy to see the weather getting a little warmer, even if some days are still chilly on the water!

For some reason, I enjoy baking a lot more when we're cruising... Go figure. Life takes on a slower rythm, where we enjoy the simple pleasures of everyday activities.

Cruising is more fun with someone you love.
At least, that's our experience!

The dinghy needs love too.

"Pip Squeak" was stolen a couple years ago, and by fluke we found her back - a little worse for wear... so here we begin the refit.


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