Wednesday, 28 April 2010

time for some tlc

 Our über cool niece

We go sailing as often as possible, dragging along friends and family for fun on the water. However, Spring is here - time for a haul out!

Here, Rick is power washing the hull and keel. We are prepping to apply fresh bottom paint. You will note that as Rick washes, there are some blue spots... The reason for this is that we painted the first coat of bottom paint in blue after we sheathed the hull 2 years ago. We then applied red bottom paint, this is a good way to judge paint wear on the hull, you start seeing some blue - time for a fresh coat.

I am painting our boat's name on the bow. We chose a font that is from the same era our boat was built. (Nyon's hull was built in 1958.)

Rick made a stencil and I painted my little heart out. It turned out pretty good. And now, we are no longer "that" boat!

S.V. Nyon

On the journey back 
to homeport

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