Monday, 14 December 2009

newbie grease monkey

Here, I'm pumping the old oil out

Yes, I must admit that until yesterday, I had never done an oil change on our boat's engine. Perhaps we can blame it on the fact that my partner in crime works as a marine mechanic (among his many other duties and talents) and the care of the engine has been his responsibility. That is, until now.

I have a desire to keep learning more about the systems on our boat, and don't like being ignorant about something as important as our engine. After all, who knows if one day I'm out on my own and something happens... right? Something always happens. So a simple engine oil change was Sunday's lesson (including replacing a filter and checking the raw water pump, etc, etc.

I'm removing the filter. The goal is to be as quick as possible, or the clean-up is that much more!

Presenting the new oil. And the Yanmar Engine Manual.
(Yes, we read instructions)

Left: I'm lubricating the O-ring on the new 
filter with some oil, so it can seal well. 
Right: I'm the giver of new oil.

Left: I'm removing the Raw Water Pump 

Right: I'm opening it up to check the impeller

Pumping out more oil,this time from the transmission... 

god that stuff is nasty.

Now that, wasn't so scary...Thank goodness for a great teacher!
And a very very smart student...


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