Thursday, 17 September 2009

seriously yellow

Rick writes: 

It has been some time since I wrote an entry for our blog. As the summer tapers off into fall, we are racing the rain to complete a number of boat tasks. We are putting the final touches on the deck paint. The coach roof was matched to the pale grey on the topsides and Kyra talked me into painting the deck yellow.

She spent weeks trying to convince me that yellow decks would look great; that the warmth of the yellow would compliment the richness of the freshly varnished mahogany. Well, the colour is on and she was right.

There is a fair variety of colours available for boats. However, when you head in a particular direction, yellow, for example, the selection narrows quickly. We couldn’t find a bold and warm yellow in our usual brand of paint, so we looked at another brand.

And there it was, Easypoxy Sunflower Yellow. It is a nice yellow, but it is not a subtle yellow. Right after we opened the can, Kyra had second thoughts. “It’s too bright!” “I don’t know, I think it’s too bright.” After all that selling me on the idea, Kyra got cold feet at the last minute.

I suggested that we paint the deck with the full strength yellow and see what we thought. Wow, what a difference from the decaying beige that was there before. You know, Kyra was right. The yellow really does look good with the brightwork. I like it. It really isn’t like every other boat out there. I think it helps set our boat apart, shows off her personality.

Of course, like every other job we get done, we can’t wait to see the next job done.

[Editor's note: The likelihood of keeping this vibrant colour when we go offshore is slim - we are planning on a lighter colour in the the tropical sun.]

Photos Courtesy of Julie Crouzat


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