Tuesday, 26 May 2009

the joys of wood

Indeed, the work continues - what I enjoy about doing brightwork, is that the improvements are quickly evident; that gives me a sense of accomplishment and keeps me going!

Sealing the wood with Epoxy.
First of three layers.

Mended corner.

Yes, that round hole is
supposed to be there.
It's for the Speed Log Gauge.
(Speed of the boat over water.)

Cause for celebration:
No More Leak in the Corner!!
That should make our
overnight guests happy!

Epoxy Stage is done.
(For the cabin sides that is.)

Next: Varnish

We did make time for play too, and headed to the BCA May Rendez-Vous on Pender Island, on the May Long Weekend. What happens when you get a bunch of sailors together? Well, pirates show up, a scavenger hunt ensues, drinks in the cockpit, shared meals and stories, lots of good stories. The sail home was great fun. Yep, good times.

Light winds on the way
to Pender Island.
We flew our Gennaker.
Isn't it pretty?

This pirate didn't look too

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