Tuesday, 5 May 2009

the cabin: before and after

Before I write about the projects we are working on now... I am including pictures as a reminder of the work we've done in the cabin over the past two years, (among other big projects). It's easy to feel overwhelmed by the work involved in the refit of a 50 year old boat, let alone the maintenance. These two photos cheer me up when I feel like the mountain of work is too much.

This is a photo that Rick took
when he went to check out Nyon
for the first time.

You can see the condensation overhead, as the boat had sat neglected for close to a year. The original bronze portlights were painted, the whole cabin needed a fresh coat of paint. Starboard, you can see the old counter, with the old single sink. There was no oven. There were hand pumps in the galley and head, which we switched to foot pumps. The wiring was completely redone. (Read about it here). And the list goes on. And on.

When Rick took me to see the boat for the first time, (to see if I felt it was the boat for us), I wondered just how much work it would take to turn this boat into our home. (Little did we know.) But the feeling of excitement was predominant. We both just knew this was going to be "our" boat.

The cabin today.

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