Friday, 19 December 2008

when a father visits

My father came to BC for a very enjoyable visit. He insisted on staying on the boat with us. He said he wanted to experience first-hand what it was like to live on a boat. We wanted him to know what he was getting into, so we warned him that hot water came in a kettle, foot pumps replaced taps, the quarter berth is small, showers were to be had ashore, nothing deterred him. We also went for a weekend sail. He loved it!

He just seems to fit right in! We figured we should put him to work.

I'm glad for the memories.



Nyon at the Dock
Normally, winter in Victoria means, dark, wet days...Though lately, we have had a lot of snow and unusually cold temperatures... Brrrrr... Not quite what one pictures as a liveaboard. Just thought we'd share a  photo.


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