Tuesday, 30 September 2008

lovely wallace island

Wallace Island
Two words: Loved it! We stayed in Princess Bay, the bay I fondly recalled from 2 years ago. (I anchored there  when I took  the 5-day Basic Cruising Standard course.)  We arrived in time for lunch, and afterwards we both bathed (nothing like sponge-baths when you’re desperate enough!) I have to say I felt like a million dollars afterwards! We spent the rest of the day exploring the island, hiking, learning about its history and enjoying the hot sun. Back on the boat, I lazed in the hammock hung above the fore deck, while Rick relaxed in the cockpit. This was one of our favourite spots, and we highly recommend it!

Then it was Cadboro Bay and home…

We got to sail on this lovely day, with the hopes of stopping in Sidney Spit, but Northern winds were predicted so, no protection! We opted for Cadboro Bay… tomorrow we’ll be back at our home berth. Melancholic and happy. Melancholic to leave the freedom we enjoyed behind… but happy to see our friends and family!

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