Thursday, 11 September 2008

a narrow passage

By 9 a.m. the next morning, my bruised ego was recovering from a terrible loss to Rick at Rummy. I did, however, succeed at making the best stovetop popcorn ever! We were itching to leave Clam Bay. Next destination: NanaimoThe wind was on our side, (well, not really, it was going against us), but we were able to tack up the channel. What a lovely sail: Sunshine, smooth seas, now that’s the life! 

Chef Rick in action.
Strike a pose!
Entering Dodd Narrows
So we went ahead… I ended up steering and feeling mighty nervous but determined to overcome my fears. Of course, going through a little early meant that there were some rip tides to contend with, but the current wasn’t super strong. We made it through and I panicked for 1.5 seconds when I felt the boat shift as we went through the rip tide, but it was over so quickly, I recovered in no time… well, just in time to get nervous about going into the Nanaimo Inner harbour (docking in a new place can be difficult, especially for this newbie.) We passed with flying colours; we actually looked pretty damn good. (No bruised egos this time!) Nanaimo meant a visit with our friends Jen and Jay and their girls (and a shower each and free laundry!) We had a lovely time catching up with them, and plan to spend another relaxing day here in Nanaimo, before heading north… Being at a marina feels so luxurious, but the lull of a quiet anchorage will soon send us on our way!

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